Eurotintoria was born in 1963 with the name 'Nuova Europa'. After a few years, in 1967, it was the first firm to move the head offices and plants in a new locality, well known in the following years as first 'macrolotto' of Prato. The plant, subsequently enlarged, covers more than 24.000 mq and has broad squares available for customers to make fluid the intense commodities and vehicles traffic. Starting from the first '90s, the machineries and equipments have been completely renewed and enlarged to cover all the customers' needs (wool, cotton, flax, silk, viscose, polyester, ecc.). In the following years Eurotintoria has updated equipments continuously. The firm's managers, aware that the sotisfaction of the client, the offering of the best service and of uniform quality standards are the main directives to follow today, have dedicated particular attention in forming the managing and operative staff and in developing powerful informatic structures. The departments have been organized to easily access all the resources necessary to process the materials of the various customers. To follow this goals, Eurotintoria has acquired the two most important certificate: UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 quality certificate and UNI EN ISO 14001 ambient certificate.